The Struggle between Good and Evil in The Hobbit

The Hobbit, like the Odyssey, is the quintessential tale of there and back again, in which the outward journey leads to revelation and self-discovery. It is a classic tale of a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who is chosen by Gandalf the wizard to take part in an epic adventure. The story is centered on the quest to reclaim the lost treasure of the dwarves, which was stolen by a dragon named Smaug. Throughout the journey, there is a constant struggle between good and evil – the forces of good being represented by Bilbo Baggins and his companions, while the forces of evil are represented by the dragon Smaug, and various other creatures who either try to hinder the quest or join forces with the dark lord Sauron.

Though Bilbo Baggins was just an ordinary hobbit, he quickly became an important member of the group of dwarves and wizard who had set out on the quest to reclaim the treasure. While the group was on their journey, they came across various obstacles that they needed to overcome. One of the major obstacles was the encounter with the trolls. This is where the first major struggle between good and evil took place.

The trolls who captured the dwarves were evil, cunning, and cruel. They planned to eat the dwarves, and Bilbo Baggins. However, Bilbo used his wit and intelligence to rescue the dwarves. He used his ring of invisibility to distract the trolls and rescued the dwarf leader Thorin. The whole group then overcame the trolls, with the help of Gandalf who arrived just in time to turn the trolls into stone with the power of magic.

The next major struggle between good and evil took place in the lair of the goblins. The group got separated after the goblins captured them, and Bilbo was forced to face the challenges alone. He came across the creature Gollum, who was evil and devious. Gollum challenged Bilbo to a riddle contest with his life on the line. The winner was to be free while the loser was to be eaten. Bilbo displayed his wit and intelligence by winning the contest, and he was able to capture the ring from Gollum, which later proved to be a critical point in the story when Bilbo used the ring to his and the groups’ advantage.

The group then continued their adventure, and the next struggle between good and evil was when they entered the dangerous forest of Mirkwood. They were faced with talkative spiders who tried to eat them. Thorin was captured by the elves of the Mirkwood forest and imprisoned. Bilbo then went to rescue Thorin; this marked the first step towards the true development of his character.

Bilbo uses his wit and intelligence to deceive the elves and free Thorin, which presented another significant moment in the story. His heroic actions began to catalyze change in himself, as well as his relationships with the other characters. They then proceeded on their journey to the mountain where they encountered the fierce dragon, Smaug.

Smaug was a malevolent dragon, the epitome of evil, who guarded the treasure of the dwarves which they sought to reclaim. The dragon presented another significant struggle between good and evil. The group engaged in various battles with the dragon, with Bilbo playing a crucial part in one of the most significant moments of the story. He snuck into the dragon’s lair using his ring of invisibility, and using his intellect and wit, he was able to steal the golden cup for the dwarves. This proved to be the most decisive moment as the group rallied around Bilbo until the dragon was finally killed.

However, their triumph was not complete. The forces of evil reassembled to attack them, with the army of goblins, wargs, and eagles. The final struggle between good and evil took place, and the group was able to overcome the evil and claim their treasure. This marked the end of their arduous journey, and they went back home victorious.

In conclusion, the struggle between good and evil in The Hobbit is apparent through the characters and their experiences. The antagonists, represented by Smaug, Gollum, the trolls, and the goblins, were evil forces that sought to stop the quest for the treasure. However, through the fighting spirit of the dwarves, the wisdom of Gandalf, and the wit of Bilbo, the forces of good were able to triumph over evil. The Hobbit is a masterpiece that addresses timeless issues and themes that are universal, and which people can relate to even today.